Diavola aka Lucky Devil, is a long-time MMO and RPG gamer, retired WoW progression raider, experienced role-player, GPOSE photographer, FFXIV event promoter (on hiatus) and occasional streamer.I offer GPOSE photography commissions on every FFXIV Data Center and am the exclusive promoter and graphic designer for FFXIV venues Exo Aeterna and Swage's House Party on Primal, Exodus.Visit the links below for access to my character profiles, commission portfolios and FFXIV related social media accounts.

My GPOSE Studio: Aeon Studios, a public photography studio and event center, created in partnership with Karhan Lucianous Photography and Serenity Studios!Doors are open 24/7!Marilith, Dynamis | Goblet Ward 21 Plot 5